“I think it would be a good idea if you woke up next to your Daddy on your birthday.”( So I called my husband and said, “I am staying the night to be with my Daddy.”)

These  precious words from my Daddy as we lay talking, watching westerns and reading through the Bible will forever ring in my ears and reverberate in my heart!

These are the times when I stop and reflect on what’s really important to me and what I can really live with and  without.

My Daddy is not one of the things I can live without. I take into account that he is a sick man with liver cancer yet I know deep in heart that God has a plan in this whole mess and I believe that God will heal him. It’s a comfort that I can’t explain. The look in his eyes when he prays to God in thanks and speaks of his devotion to feeding the “women and children”. He is so dedicated to feeding and clothing the unfortunate ones that are making way to the Holy Land. I pray that I can have faith like that throughout my life.

My Daddy is my teacher, friend and music partner. The days I have with him are precious and the memories are abundant. I am so thankful to God for blessing me with my Daddy and for his grace and faithfulness!

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!


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