Where have all the cowboys gone???

Remember that the tone of your day is set by the venue you select. Nothing like the charm of a country wedding.

Be inspired by the area in which you live and were born and raised.

I am a Georgia Peach BY THE GRACE OF GOD and PROUD TO BE!!!

I was raised in the country and love when my brides choose to stay true to who they are and to what THEY want their day to entail.

The country may not be for you. Maybe it’s The High Museum of Art or Fernbank, even The Botanical Gardens. Live out your dream. Don’t settle for what’s available. SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND!!! Don’t rush making rash decisions that will ultimately reflect harshly on your wedding day and once all the little details come together.

It’s ultimately reflected in the photopgraphs as well. Compile a few examples of shots you have seen and would like taken by your photographer. This will give you a sense of relief  and your photographer an idea of expectations.

Check out my friends WAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY:



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