When your one and only daughter calls you at 5:45 am to say she is sick on the floor in the bathroom  (she is 10 weeks pregnant) and trying to recover well enough to go to work, you are empathetic and supportive. WHEN SHE CALLS YOU 30 MINUTES LATER FRANTICALLY SOBBING SAYING THAT SHE HAS BEEN IN A CAR ACCIDENT WITH MY GRANDSON IN THE CAR, YOU HOLD YOUR BREATHE UNTIL SHE SAYS THEY ARE ALL OK!!!

She was rear ended by a driver who says he was reaching down to get his drink and when he “LOOKED BACK UP” it was too late!!!

All of a sudden the schedule of your day is thrown into a WHIRLWIND!!!

After being there and supporting my daughter through the trauma of her first car accident and several doctors visits……I still made it to the shoot I had scheduled that evening.

It’s times like these when we reflect on the thing we said to our spouse when we left each other this morning or to our children as they got on the bus. Slow down and take every second of that 2 minutes you have to get out the door in the morning and kiss those cheeks and hug those necks! LIFE IS PRECIOUS!!!


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