The Misconception Of Time VS Cost Of A Portrait Session

“Yes Mam, It’s $200 for a one hour photo session.” Yes Mam, I realize you can go to Wal-Mart and get an entire package of a KAJILLION pictures for half that.”  Yes, I understand that we are in a recession. That’s why I cut my prices. Yes Mam, I also understand that you were referred by a friend of a friend, and I appreciate that more than you know.”  My business would be nothing without repeat and word of mouth referrals.”

The conversation went on for about 15 minutes before I felt as though I had explained the HOURS of time that go into the editing, the maintenance of all the equipment it takes to get the quality of a professional session, etc…. VS a quicky shoot by a  photo center at the corner Portrait Studio.

By the end of the conversation she booked the session and declined my offer to honor a Facebook Coupon that she knew nothing about.

I thank my clientèle who appreciate my God given talents and are happy to pay for them. That’s why I think The Bible said it so clearly that we are to USE our God given talents. IT MAKES US HAPPY AND ENJOY OUR DAILY LIVES. If you have to get up and work at something everyday, why not LOVE IT?

Thank You to all who make that possible for me!


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